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Bose QuietComfort 3 Review: Here Is What You Should Know

Bose QuietComfort 3Manufacturer: Bose

Rating: 4stars

List Price: $349.95

The Bose QuietComfort 3 are another great pair of noise canceling headphones from Bose. These headphones are specially designed to provide electronic noise cancelling, which means that it will reduce or eliminate most outside sounds. Also, the headphones are also designed to provide the best sound and allow you to notice all of the nuances of your favorite songs with active equalization.

The Bose QuietComfort 3 are fitted with a comfortable foam cushion that surrounds the head and ears to provide the maximum comfort. They are portable since they feature fold flat earcups that can be placed into a small carrying case that comes along with the headphones. The unit works on a lithium ion battery that can last for up to 25 hours per charge. An airline charger also comes along with the unit as well, so you can stay connected during your flights. The QC3 headphones are the perfect accessory to carry along on your travels, and also proves very handy in noisy environments.

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Product Specs

Overall headphone dimensions:  7.38″H x 5.25″W
Ear cushion outside dimensions:  2.88″H x 2.25″W
Weight with cable:  5.1 oz
Battery output power:  3.7VDC, 200mAh
Battery Life: 25 hours per charge; 500 charging cycles

What Makes The Bose Quiet Comfort 3?

The Bose QuietComfort 3 have a number of benefits working in their favor. The brand name alone is one of the main selling points of the product because they are known to be one of the best brands in the field and their products often sell for premium prices. They are actually very good at what they do best, which is noise cancelling. When the noise canceling is switched on, the outside noises stop and everything is peaceful. Listen to your music like its supposed to be heard. and quiet for the most part.

Noise Reduction

Bose QuiteComfort 3 is one of the best noise cancelling headphones available in the market today. The noise canceling eliminates about 80% of outside noises and the active equalization system boosts the sound and enhances the experience. It incorporates active noise cancellation technology that is able to electronically identify outside noise and greatly reduce it.

Although it is not possible to eliminate outside noise, this proprietary technology used by Bose has the capacity to reduce outside disturbances to a great degree even in highly noisy environments. This means you can enjoy high quality music or find tranquil quietness almost anywhere you go.

Enhanced Sound Quality

Bose headphones are popular for their enhanced sound quality and the QuietComfort 3 is no different. It has superior signal processing capabilities and incorporates advanced technology for audio reproduction. The result is lifelike sounds that cover the entire range of tones, including very low tones; making it possible to enjoy subtle nuances in every kind of music. The tonal balance is achieved by tiny vents, which are strategically incorporated in the ear cups.

The frequency response of the headphone is automatically tuned electronically and there is active equalization taking place while listening. Bose always delivers in terms of sound quality and the QC3 holds up against any brand. When you combine superior sound quality with the best noise reduction feature, you are set for enjoying studio quality listening anywhere you go.

Comfort And Portability

Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones are equipped with soft cushions, which not only provide an added acoustical seal for reducing outside noise even further, but also prove to be extremely comfortable. The headphones are also quite light, weighing only 145 grams along with the cable. The audio cable is a single wire making it more convenient, compared to the usual Y-cables of other headphones.

The compact design of the Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones makes them very portable and you can easily carry them along wherever you go. The overall dimensions are only seven and half inches by five and a quarter inches. The earcups can be rotated 90 degrees, which makes it possible to fold them flat and easily store them in the slim case, which is provided.

Battery Life

Bose QuietComfort 3 is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable, and comes with a charger that can be plugged into a wall socket. Each full charge is supposed to provide 25 hours of use, and the estimated life of the battery is approximately 500 charges.

Bose QuietComfort 3 ReviewPros Of The Bose QuietComfort 3

  • Bose quality
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Comfortable design
  • Excellent sound
  • Strong noise reduction system

Cons Of The Bose QuietComfort 3

  • Headphones can feel bulky and heavy to some
  • Not designed to tolerate rugged use outdoors
  • Ear cushions degrade over time through extensive use

What’s In The Box?

– 1 Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphone
– Battery charger
– Airline adapter
– Carrying case
– Detachable Audio cable

Warranty Information

All Bose products come with a 1 year warranty that covers you in terms of any manufacturing defects in the item. If any problems arise, then customers may visit a Bose store for some support or contact their support team directly via their hotline or website. Bose has a good reputation and they generally stand by their products and offer great customer service and support.

Price Information

The price for the Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones is quite high and a lot of people are not willing to spend that amount of money on headphones. In terms of the price, it is considered normal for Bose products, but it is rather expensive compared to other brands. Although the price sounds high, all of the Bose products are listed at premium prices as they are considered to be one of the most expensive brands. If you are planning an online purchase, you will find a good deal on the QC3s at Amazon.

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The Bose QuietComfort 3 Review

The bottom line is that the Bose QuietComfort 3 headphones are great and they work very well compared to other brands, but the price is a major hindrance. These noise cancelling headphones are comfortable to wear, have a long battery life, and are easy to carry around in the case. The value of these headphones is mainly based on the fact that you expect to listen to good music in noisy places. The Bose QuietComfort 3  are better suited to business travelers or recreational users that can afford the price. See more product reviews

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